Meet Justine

"Born and raised in Braddon, as the daughter of a seafarer who was a strong union man, I believe I have inherited his sense of equity, fairness, equality and justice. I am proud to be elected as the first female representative to Braddon, and wear this badge with pride. I promise to care, listen and respect to all people, especially those in my electorate of Braddon."

After my dad died, growing up in a single parent family meant a lot of sacrifice for my wonderful mum. After completing my secondary education I went on to study at the University of Tasmania where I gained a Bachelor of Arts (geography/history). I worked on the checkouts at my local Coles supermarket during my university years. At that time there were few job prospects for graduates but I found work in television for the next 6 years. 

I had to move away to pursue a career, and worked in Western Australia and the UK. I also continued my studies gaining a Bachelor of Environmental Impact Assessment and post-Graduate Certificate in Environmental Management.  

Now I see this happening again, not just our young people but also whole families leaving our region for more opportunities. Jobs and opportunities, health and education and fairness are what I want for my family. I don’t want my children, Ethan, Alex and Oliver, to feel they need to leave Tasmania to have opportunities.  They are the reason I chose to contest local government elections.  They are the reason I contested a state and the federal elections.  I want to be part of creating their future and the future of all Tasmanians.  I do not look in the rear-view mirror, but always ahead.  I live by the motto, “where there’s a will, there’s a way”.

I recently graduated from Monash University with a Graduate Diploma in Psychology. I strongly believe that, whilst mental health is terribly under resourced, it is a vital part of a person’s well-being and a contributor to their success or otherwise.  It is the root of many of our social issues but an area that is low on the list of government priorities. I will advocate for better access to and funding of mental health services.

I also have a strong interest in health.  I am a community representative on the Tasmanian Health Organisation NW Community Engagement Reference Group and have been for the last four years.  I have and will continue to stand up for the Mersey Community Hospital and health services for the North-West, and I believe we need a more holistic approach to preventative health.

I am buoyed by Labor’s vision for a smart future for our children and to diversify our economy and grow jobs.  The North West has a wealth of innovation and entrepreneurial talent that this type of policy direction will help us to grow and prosper. 

For me good government is about the people, not the politicians.  Good policy reflects what is in the best interest of Australians, their views and long-term goals.  Government and those elected to it should be fair, balanced, robust, accountable and transparent.

I will adhere to 3 main rules whilst I serve as the federal representative for Braddon:

Care – I do care about Braddon, its people and what they have to say.  If you don’t care, you don’t listen or show respect.  We can’t achieve what we want for our region without caring about what we say and caring for each other. 

Listen – I will hear what people have to say.  Residents from all walks of life deserve to be heard and their views represented in Canberra.

Respect – I will respect the people of Braddon, for who they are and for what they say.  Their views, opinions, decisions and who they are should never be dismissed but treated with respect so we can work together to make Braddon a better place.

"You can never keep everyone happy all of the time”. Yet to treat our electors with contempt, to not have our doors open to them and refusing to engage is a sure way to electoral defeat.  That is my commitment to the people of Braddon and I know they will tell me if I stray away from this.  I am also reminded of a comment a dairy farmer said to me at a farmers meeting just after the election: “See that bloke with dirt on his boots? He has the same number of votes as the one in the expensive suit”. I say to all members of Braddon that I will listen, I will do my best to understand, I truly do care and I will respect what you tell me.  We may not agree, but I will respect you.