With the next federal election just around the corner, Labor has been working hard developing policies that focus on the fundamentals that underpin a fair community. Labor’s Fair Go Action Plan prioritises health, education and jobs.

Under State and Federal Liberal Government millions of dollars in cuts have created a crisis in the Tasmanian health system.

Almost daily, I hear stories of overcrowded emergency departments, people waiting beyond recommended clinical times for operations or being forced to travel for medical appointments they could previously receive locally. The Liberals deny there is a crisis, but you only have to talk to a family member, neighbour or friend and you hear some shocking stories. Our nursing and medical staff are doing an amazing job but need much deserved extra support.  A Shorten Labor Government will start to fix this mess by reversing the Liberals’ cuts, by unfreezing Medicare, by making record investments in mental health and by investing in more beds, more staff and more technology.

For our state and region this includes investing an extra $30 million to reduce elective surgery waiting lists, investing $4.5 million to restore the Tazreach program that support medical specialists to visit regional communities, saving people the cost and stress of travel and funding a new mini hospital ward at Devonport TAFE to provide additional health related training.  

Labor has the vision for our children to be among the best educated in the world. 
It is why Labor will deliver fair needs based funding for every public school. Again we will reverse the Liberals’ cuts and Tasmanian schools will receive additional funding that equates to the employment of an extra 131 teachers. We will also make 15 hours a week of early learning available from local child care centres to every three year old.

Braddon has lost almost 700 apprentices in the last five years, depriving our workforce of skilled labour and our young people trades-based futures. Labor wants to turn this around by renovating public TAFE campuses around the country, waiving the upfront fees for 100,000 TAFE places, providing 10,000 pre-apprentice programs for young people who want to learn a trade and 20,000 adult apprentice programs for older workers who want or need to retrain.

I know we can and must do better in these key areas. Labor’s Fair Go Action Plan sets the framework to turn things around.

Justine Keay MP