$4.5 million for TazReach health services

Tasmanians will have better access to specialist medical services, with a Shorten Labor Government investing $4.5 million to TazReach – restoring the funding cut by the Coalition Government.

The Tazreach program provides access to critical medical services where they otherwise aren’t available, bringing the specialists to the community rather than making people travel to the cities or interstate.

Labor’s $4.5 million investment will mean more Tasmanians can access vital health services such as obstetricians, psychiatrists, cardiologists and optometrists.

Malcolm Turnbull and Brett Whiteley slashed funding to this program in 2016 by $2.5 million – meaning fewer services and fewer people treated.

At the time, the West Coast Council Mayor Phil Vickers said that the funding cut would have a disastrous impact on the area:

“The loss of these services places more stress on unwell residents and will also place more pressure on these services in other regions as West Coasters will now have to travel to attend appointments.”

The Liberals have ripped millions out of Tasmania’s hospitals, frozen rebates for GPs and specialists, and cut millions out of the Tazreach program.

Only Bill Shorten and Justine Keay will stand up for a Fair Go for the North West and West Coasts.