Rebuilding TAFE

We need a plan to help young people transition into the workforce and help older workers to reskill. 

Our TAFEs have been gutted by successive Liberal governments, and it shows. While the Liberals have been in power, the North West and West Coasts have seen a decline of almost 700 apprentices.

Labor has a plan to reinvest in TAFE, starting with scrapping upfront TAFE fees for students who want to learn the skills that the North West and West Coasts need right now.

Labor will invest $100 million upgrading TAFE facilities and scrap fees for 100,000 TAFE places, including here in Braddon.

Young people in Tasmania need a government that’s committed to trades and apprenticeships – and Labor will deliver.

Only Bill Shorten and Justine Keay will stand up for a Fair Go for the North West and West Coasts.