Standing Up For Pensioners

Under the Liberals 1,570 pensioners across the North West and West Coasts are worse off because of cuts to pensions and payments.

While 1,170 have lost part of their pensions, 400 more have completely lost their pension. 

The Liberals are out of touch with North West and West Coast pensioners. While they give the banks a $17 billion tax-payer funded handout, they want pensioners to reconsider turning on the heating this winter.

Labor has a plan to give pensioners a fair go. Justine Keay and Labor will:

☑️ Halt Liberal cuts to pensions
☑️ Undo the Liberals’ plan to make us all work until we are 70
☑️ Labor will review the rate of the pension

Only Bill Shorten and Justine Keay will stand up for a Fair Go for the North West and West Coasts.