Protecting Medicare

I believe a strong healthcare system is integral to a strong and productive society and I don’t believe that your income or postcode should determine the health care you receive.

This election provides Australians with a clear choice – responsible investment in education and health under Labor, or tax cuts for big business and people earning over $180,000 under the Liberals.

The Australian Medical Association has already confirmed that if the Liberals’ Medicare rebate rate is put in place, many doctors will no longer be able to afford to offer bulk billing and the price of going to the doctor will go up.

I support Labor’s three-part guarantee to protect Medicare for future generations:

1.    Abolishing Mr Morrison's GP Tax by stealth by removing the Medicare rebate freeze.

2.    Scrapping the Liberals’ $5 increase in prescription costs.

3.    Legislating to ensure Medicare remains in public hands.

People across Braddon tell me that they’re angry that the Liberals are making savage cuts to health investment, but have no problem affording a $50 billion tax cut for big business.

Scott Morrison’s health cuts will create a two tiered health system which will make health care less affordable for those who need it most – the sick and the poor.

Labor built Medicare, only Labor believes in Medicare, and only a vote for Labor will stop Scott Morrison from privatising Medicare and denying Tasmanians the right to decent, affordable health care.