University Funding

I believe that education is a fundamental requirement for building an innovative country able to grasp the opportunities of the 21st century.

I also believe that your skill, ability and ambition should determine whether you enter higher education – not your postcode or your parents’ income.

The Morrison Liberal Government wants to cut $12 billion from higher education. The reality is that the only way that universities will be able to absorb this massive cut is with fee hikes that could see $100,000 degrees become the norm.

Under the Liberals, many young Australians would be locked out of university education entirely and those that proceed will be shackled with a colossal debt sentence before they’ve even started their working lives.

In addition, regional universities like UTAS will struggle to attract the students they need to make up for the Liberals’ cuts.

This isn’t fair.

I’m very proud to support Labor’s positive plan for universities which includes:

  1. Chance to study at University: Labor will invest an extra $174 million to help ensure all Australians get the chance to study at university.
  2. Abolish the cap on student places: 200,000 more Australians will get access to a university education thanks to Labor’s plan to abolish Scott Morrison’s unfair cap on student places and to reinstate Labor’s demand-driven system
  3. The University of Tasmania’s new West Park campus in Burnie will get a world class equipment manufacturing hub thanks to a $5 million investment from Federal Labor.  Students will be able to study new degrees in equipment design, technology, and advanced manufacturing right here in the North-West.
  4. Labor knows Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) will be central to the jobs of the future. We will:
    • work to have coding taught in every school in Australia
    • support 25,000 teachers to undertake professional development in STEM disciplines, including coding
    • provide 25,000 teaching scholarships, and 100,000 HECS free STEM Award Degrees
  5. Labor will create a Youth Jobs Connect training program to get unemployed young people into work.
  6. Labor will guarantee funding for TAFE so that more kids get the opportunities and skills they need for the jobs of the future.
  7. Labor’s $300 million University Future Fund will be used to invest in new research and teaching buildings, and projects that would help support jobs and communities around Australia.